We at J.E.T. Computers, are dedicated to the fact that everyone would like to own a computer
but would like to get a good quality computer at a good price.
We are here to help you. We can provide you with a computer, two hours of training
and we will set it up for you and provide you with tech support for 90 days, all for one low price of 1095.00


It will be at least a 500mhz with 56k modem, sound card, videocard,cd rom, floppy drive and 64 megs of ram and 15 or 20 gig hard drive depending on what we have at the time. It will have a 17 inch monitor, keyboard, speakers and mouse included. Or you can have us build one to your specifications. We also offer " In Home" service calls.

All our systems carry a one year warrantee on parts and labor, and 90 days front to back, including software conflicts. Games are not covered under any warrantee.

You can call us at: 580-226-7960 or at 580-223-0432